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Policy Workshop: Housing in Young Adulthood

London, 12 September 2017

Policy Workshop:

Housing in young adulthood: Changing choices, constraints and challenges

Date and time: 12th September 2017, 13:45-18:30

Location: Places for People, 80 Cheapside, London, EC2V 6EE


Young adulthood is a dynamic life phase and the housing position of young people has changed dramatically in recent decades. New choices concerning education, work, relationships and lifestyles have combined with the constraints imposed by low incomes, economic insecurity, curtailed welfare support and enhanced problems of housing access to reduce young adults’ homeownership and increase their reliance on private renting and the parental home. These trends have major implications for young people’s everyday lives, long-term housing careers and the future social and economic structure of British society.

This afternoon workshop will bring together academics, policy professionals and stakeholders to (1) share and discuss the latest evidence about young adults’ housing and (2) debate key policy challenges and solutions concerning housing in young adulthood. The workshop is organised under the auspices of an Economic and Social Research Council project on Family Trajectories and Young Adults’ Housing Transitions.

This event is by invitation only. If you would like to find out more about the event, please email



Preliminary Programme: 

13:45-14:00                Registration and refreshments


14:00-14:15                Welcome and aims

                                     Rory Coulter and Sait Bayrakdar


14:15-15:45                Session 1: Contemporary trends and challenges

Increased private renting in early adulthood together with the growing fluidity and uncertainty of young peoples’ lives have a range of implications for housing demands and experiences. This session will explore the everyday housing challenges facing contemporary young adults, as well as their implications for policy and practice.


14:15-14:45                Short expert presentations (exact titles TBC)

                                    “Problems and challenges in the housing market: An introduction”

                                    David Cowans/Roger Wilshaw, Places for People

                                    “Austerity and inequalities in transitions to adulthood”

                                    Ann Berrington, University of Southampton

                                    Homelessness, young people and ‘sofa surfing’

                                    Anna Clarke, University of Cambridge

                                    “Housing transitions in young adulthood”

                                    Sait Bayrakdar, UCL


14:45-15:45                Open chaired discussion


15:45-16:00                Coffee break


16:00-17:30                Session 2: Housing futures

Enhanced difficulties entering owner-occupation and the social rental sector are reshaping young people’s ability to access secure, affordable and high quality accommodation. This session will discuss the longer term implications of young adults’ changing housing arrangements, paying particular attention to issues of intergenerational justice, social mobility and housing inequality.


16:00-16:30                Short expert presentations (exact titles TBC)

                                    “Housing and intergenerational equity”

                                    Lindsay Judge, Resolution Foundation

                                    “Parental background and young adults’ housing”

                                    Rory Coulter, UCL

                                    “Housing, poverty and young people”

                                    Michael Oxley, University of Cambridge

                                    "Housing Policies to tackle intergenerational inequality"

                                    Andy Green, UCL 


16:30-17:30                Open chaired discussion


17:30- 17:45               Concluding reflections



17:45-18:30                Close followed by drinks reception