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New article on young adults' homeownership in England and Wales

last modified Sep 29, 2016 08:29 AM
A new article examining how parental background and local house prices shape young adults' homeownership is published today in Urban Studies.

Parental support is thought to be an increasingly influential factor in the homeownership transitions of young adults. This could reinforce social inequalities and inhibit social mobility through the housing system.

A new article exploring how parental background and local house prices are linked to young adults' homeownership has been published today in Urban Studies. The study's main aim is to examine whether parental background has a more pronounced impact on young people's homeownership in expensive housing markets where buying a dwelling is often more difficult.

The results show that, in general, the 'homeownership gap' between young adults with more or less advantaged parents is somewhat larger in places where house prices are higher. However, these effects should not be overstated as a range of other individual factors are also strong predictors of young adults' housing outcomes. Neither parents nor prices exert a strong effect on the homeownership prospects of relatively disadvantaged children.

The paper is available from the journal website. Please contact us if you are unable to access it and would like a personal copy.