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New article published

last modified Aug 25, 2017 03:25 PM

Parents, local house prices, and leaving home

A new article published today in the journal Population, Space and Place investigates how parental background and local house prices shapes home leaving patterns in Britain.

The results show that while parental background has little impact on the probability that young people leave home to form partnerships, parental socio-economic advantage significantly reduces the likelihood that young people leave home to live alone or share accommodation. Higher local house prices significantly reduce the likelihood that young adults exit the parental home. These patterns are particularly pronounced for departures to partnership and departures to live alone or in shared accommodation. However, the effects of local house prices are somewhat less pronounced than is commonly assumed in public debates. Individual level factors exert a very strong impact on patterns of home leaving in contemporary Britain.

The paper is freely available from the journal website and can also be downloaded here.